Selecting the Right Drawer Handles

When you start to do a little home improvement in your home, you will find that all the elements of the design in the house relies heavily on a variety of different components to pull in a certain motif. One option that most people miss out on has to deal with the drawers that they place in their kitchen and bathrooms, as well as their interior hallways.

The function of handles often times takes away from the design principles that should be paid more attention to, and that’s something that can easily be fixed. If you take the time to look at this element in your house, you will see one of two things. The first will either be symmetry in the way that the visual communication works, and the other is functionality. If one outweighs the other or it’s time for a change, make sure that you look into a few tips that will help you in the process of selecting the right drawer handles.

Whether you’re renovating, or just improving simple pieces of the home, make sure that you consider the following tips in your quest for finding something that not only works on a visual design level but also on a functional level as well. What good are handles that look great, but are cumbersome in opening drawers? That’s something that you’ll find to be a true element in your search.

Handles are Not Knobs – One thing that most people assume is that the handle design that you often utilize to open up cabinets, drawers and other areas is the same as a knob. That is not true, they are two different elements with similar components. The main difference is in the installation and structure. Knobs only have an attachment of one screw to work, while handles require two placements and a center point to work. You’ll notice that this will make a huge difference in what you’re looking at in a catalog or at the hardware store. Keep this in mind.

Feel Them – If you are going to order from a catalog, you’ll be at a disadvantage because you won’t be able to touch the items before purchasing them. Some companies will allow you to get a sample before ordering and that might help you make a decision, but you’ll need to understand that you should always touch and feel the items that you’re going to place as pulls. The feel of an item is key, as it will make or break your selection.

Colors, Sizes and More – Lastly, make sure that you weigh your options carefully in terms of the color, the size, and shape. You’ll want something that doesn’t draw too much attention, but rather balances the existing framework of your drawers. With that in mind, make sure that you look around online and through catalogs of design to get a sense for what you can utilize as an option to move ahead.

The above simple tips are just guide points that you can utilize in our quest of selecting the right drawer handles. The process takes time, so don’t rush through it.