Furniture Handles – Weighing Your Options Carefully

When it comes to look into simple options in regards to the design and décor of your home, make sure that you do not skimp on the updating of your furniture handles. This might seem like something is very small, but it is certainly crucial to the overall visual communication that you have in your home. Whether you’re going for a certain type of décor or you want function over design, you will find that these pieces can really make or break the interior framework of a home. You may not notice it at first, but once you start to renovate, change things around, organize different areas and look into the many options you have, they’ll stick out if not selected without too much consideration.

There are several different types of furniture handles that you may choose from, meaning there are thousands. You’ll find the process to be painstaking and laborious if you’re not careful. In order to narrow down your search, make sure that youconsider function and design as well as shape and size. There are several different things that will change the way you think about this, so make sure that you move forward carefully.

Knobs versus Handles

There is a big difference between knobs and handles and it’s not just the simple things. You’ll find that each one has fundamental differences that can’t be avoided. Make sure that you set out to search for handles and not knobs or else you will find yourself with limited resources. The two are different in that one requires one screw placement and the other requires two. One is a circular or square shape and the other is elongated and requires two separate screws to fit onto a drawer or cabinet.

Back plates

One option that you’ll see when looking into hardware is that of the back plate. Not every piece of hardware will come with a back plate, but it can definitely add a little bit of elegance to your furniture handles. Make sure that you look at these in conjunction with the functional properties of the choice that you’re leaning towards. Back plates come in a variety of shapes, sizes and will easily fit into the décor that you have, when you weigh out your option carefully. Don’t just pick any old combination; make sure that the two components fit within the parameters you have selected. You will find that in some cases you can’t buy one without the other, and that can help you narrow down the search.

Vintage Pieces

One of the most compelling options that you’ll find in your quest is vintage hardware options. Often times these elegant pieces are made of brass or other precious metals and they can really have an impact on your furniture. The age and overall design of your furnishings will help you determine if this is in fact a good option for your needs.

Overall, it’s important that you take some time to really consider what you want out of your handles. Whether you want design over function or a combination of the two will determine what you’ll end up with. When in doubt, consult experts, look at design magazines and take your time.